Aliter Networks

content strategy and ideation · writing and editing · social media · 

webinar coordination and copywriting


Aliter Networks has a mission: make a difference with IT. By 2025, they want all companies to use sustainable technology. Based in The Netherlands and Singapore, Aliter has facilitated the reuse of more than 125,000 network products in almost 100 countries. 

I've gotten to know the brand and their true commitment to this mission through branding development and tone of voice work, as well as creating and supporting the development of a variety of content – from blogs and interviews to infographics and webinars – and supported social media and content planning.

"Driving purposeful change through sales"
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Ghost written blog post – read more
"Because supporting customers to embrace a truly better way of doing one part of their business, is something I believe in. It’s both the challenge and the beauty of what we do at Aliter."
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"This International Women’s Day, we’re shining a light on just some of the many women who are leading the way in the development, support and uptake of the circular economy. From food, fashion, design and IT, these 9 women are helping to create sustainable change through re-thinking, reusing and recycling." 
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