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Alina Tang works at the intersection of printmaking, floriography, and design. Her work embodies both independent and socially-engaged collaborative approaches between varying disciplines, including drawing, painting, and wall-works. She is inspired by an ongoing curiosity and engagement with floral performance that is immersive, multi-sensory, and empathetic. Often bright, colourful, and full of joy (just like she is!), Alina’s delicate and detailed works embrace notions of abundance, beauty, gift-giving, and rituals of floral cultures. 

Interviewing Alina was the start of a sweet friendship.

Creativity, vulnerability and what flowers have to say – with artist Alina Tang

I have an all-too-common love/hate relationship with social media. But sometimes scrolling inspirational imagery and following hashtags (in my case, generally anything floral or travel related, alongside a bunch of artists, and the occasional organic underwear label) gives way to a wonderful real-life connection.

Such is the case with Alina Tang, Amsterdam-based Aussie artist known as Giant Pansy, who reached out to me on Instagram a few weeks ago. Notified, I was struck by her sweet, bright posts – flat-lays of flowers she’d painted and printed for her latest exhibition ‘Every Flower in the Forest’, amidst a delightful dose of fresh flora. We met the following week prior to her exhibition. In person, Alina was as bright and upbeat as her work, adorned in a pink Gorman number and sparkly pink socks (in contrast to my sparkly green socks). I was pretty sure this wouldn’t be a one-time meeting!

I wasn’t just drawn to Alina’s work and focus on floriography, but of course, her recent move from Perth, Australia, to Amsterdam. So since enjoying ‘Every Flower in the Forest – in that glorious week of April sunshine we had – I caught up with Alina to delve deeper into moving abroad, creativity, and what flowers have to say.

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photo by Mira, Ginger Emprod


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