picture by Lia Zaal / Flickfeeder

"Do you ever meet someone you instantly know is on the same wavelength – that they just get you, that they’re your people? That's how we felt when we visited De Ceuvel – Amsterdam’s clean tech playground for innovation and creativity." 
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TEDxAmsterdam celebrated its tenth anniversary edition in 2018 – a milestone event. True to its reputation, the event was an engaging, mind-opening and inspiring day, focused on and fuelled by ideas and people. The theme was ‘The Big X’ – alluding to the big unknowns of our future. But more than that, it was a nod to TEDxAmsterdam’s tenth anniversary and a big hats off to the city of Amsterdam and its people, because “the future is one big puzzle, and we’re all a part of it.”

picture by Alessandro Froio / Flickfeeder

picture by Lia Zaal / Flickfeeder

picture by Chiel Eijt / Flickfeeder


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