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the unfoldment is a growing side project of my own. Ever fascinated by people and the messiness and loveliness of being human, I share the stories of those doing life a little differently. Their way, risking, wandering, questioning, daring and unfolding.  Through their highs, lows, wonderings and lessons, I explore the glorious mundanities of living, creating and becoming – and celebrate just how much we can find common ground in each other's stories.

To unfold is to dare, to question, to open, explore, and bloom.​

For creatives, dreamers, travellers and trail-blazers alike. 

the unfoldment is a place to connect,

rest your head, and find your flow.​


– with Cor fashion designer and owner Jaz Hunt

Cor is a fashion label. But I know to you it is much more

than that. From what you’ve told me, Cor is also, naturally,

a reflection of parts of you. How are you reflected in the garments and the general Cor philosophy?


Cor’s philosophy is one of connection, slowing down and tuning in. For me, creating it has been a journey – to trust myself, believe in what I’m doing and enjoy creating pieces that I myself love to wear. As I’ve traversed my mid-twenties, I’ve come to understand how Cor represents a lot of my ideals and values.

picture by Ben Rayner @raynjermain


–  with photographer Ben Clement

This period of isolation definitely draws some parallels with a time of uncertainty living abroad, and the lessons learned ring true.


“I learnt from that experience, and have new habits and strategies for myself to kind of keep going and keep productive.”

“I think having time to pause and rest is so vital for your own development. You can’t really have constant growth or constant doing or making.”

Images by Ben Clement @benclement_

pictures by Lightsmith Images


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